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Newest on COVID-19 and Politics (but honestly not much has changed)

We now are in the final stretch of the election and Donald Trump appointed a new Supreme Court Justice right after the tragic death of RBG. The thing that makes this so criminal is that the Republicans rejected Obama’s nominee saying it was “too close to the election” so Obama couldn’t hire the his nominee. But now Trump is doing the exact same thing and acting as if he’s above the law.

“Rounding the corner”. The expression Trump has used for the past 6 months of quarantining, or as SNL says “we have rounded the corner so many times we went around the block and are back where we started in March”😅. But seriously things were getting a little better in certain places with more people wearing a mask, but then they took them off when they thought they were of the hook. The thing is we need to keep them on until there’s not more “rounding the corner” and more of a “on the next block” or else we’ll continue to spike. We can’t just say “oh, were rounding the corner! Time to take our masks off and party”.

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Trump Tests Positive for COVID Virus

Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 early on October 2nd. The White House is downplaying the fact that Trump is not doing well. We know this because he was given air and a covid symptom relief medicine. It was almost like Trump was trying to get the virus because he went to several rallies and other events without a mask or social distancing. See one of my last posts on Trumps rally. The question is will Joe Biden get the virus? Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced each other in the presidential debate last Tuesday. Neither wore a mask, Biden’s family in the crowd wore masks but Trumps refused. Covid-19 is unpredictable, Joe Biden could test negative on day 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13, day and then on day 14 be positive. I hope both candidates are healthy by the Election Day.

I know in my other blog post I talk about the importance of voting. It is sooooo important to vote. If you’re a kid reading this tell everyone you know (that is 18 or older, able to vote) that they NEED TO VOTE! About 40% of people did NOT vote in the last presidential election (2016) Crazy, right!?

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It is very important to vote. Voting isn’t just telling a computer which candidate you like more. It’s expressing your opinions and getting your voice heard. Although your single vote may not make a huge difference, imagine if a big number of people didn’t vote because they thought it might not make a difference. Then that would make a difference. Did you know 60% percent of people don’t vote!!! Crazy right!? Now that could be for other reasons like not knowing how to get to the polls, not having a ride, being scared during covid-19 to vote or just in general scared, or for other reasons. But we need to overcome these problems and make out voice heard!

Getting your voice heard: Once you think carefully about what candidate(s) you want, you should help others vote or rally for your candidate! I made a shirt for my candidate:

Getting yard signs, or signing up for something so you can go door to door, make calls, give rides to people do the polls when it’s time, texting people ect.

Voting by mail🗳: if you can’t go to the polls you may qualify to vote by mail. You can do this if you are 65 or older, have a disability, or will be out of town during the election.

Those of you reading this might have learned something in this article . It is important that you did and want to take action. Talk to your friends, siblings, family, and other people you know to make sure they vote!

Book reviews!

During the pandemic a great thing to do is read, here are some great recommendations using the five-star method, a little summary, and my thoughts.

All four stars is a great book about a girl who loves to cook but her parents aren’t so sure that’s a good career. Especially because she burned the whole kitchen down. This is only the first of the three books in the series: 1. All four stars 2. Stars of summer and 3. Stars so sweet. This book is about friendship, cooking, and humor. I give this book a 5 star rating

This series, the Fungungle series is a mystery about Teddy a 12 year old boy that always gets roped in to animal mystery’s like poaching, steeling, poisoning, and many more with his celebrity freind, Summer, together they are a impeccable team. Usually in this book there are 2 mysteries going on at the same time which makes this book full of action! There are 6 books in the Fungungle series. I give this series a 4 star rating.

Stuart Gibbs has written many book series that I love. Including the Fungungle series. Check out his other book by just googling Stuart Gibbs books. Enjoy!

I could go on and on but for now I am ably sticking with 2 reviews. Keep checking for more!

Ps. A little note from authors including Stuart Gibbs: “if you are still ordering books on Amazon… stop it. You are hurting the publishing business! Instead, order your books through either your local independent bookstore” (if they are still open), or Barnes “& Noble.